Your Natural Marketing Style: The Real Key to Successful Marketing

Blog: Your Natural Marketing Style: The Real Key to Successful Marketing

Picture of Gary M Jordan Co-author of Unlock the Power of Your Perception and Your Talent AdvantageMarketing was never my forte. Recently, I was talking to some people about my struggles with marketing before we discovered natural marketing styles (more about that later).  Before I finished my sentence, one of the people I was speaking to said:“  I can tell you how to do that. Here’s all you have to do. First you do this… Then you do this … It’s that simple. You can do it, but you have to want to.”.

That familiar feeling started growing in my gut, and I said to myself, “Here we go again.” The ‘here’, where I have been countless times, is on the receiving end of a lesson in marketing that I knew would not work for me. You’ve probably received the same type of lessons or advice too.

In learning how to market yourself, your products, and your services, there are no more seductive, but deadly, sentences than the ones uttered by my would-be helpful acquaintance above. The seduction comes from:

  • The hope that someone can teach you how to market yourself, your products, and your services without you having to do any of the work yourself.

  • The belief (on the part of the speaker) that what has worked for them will work for you if you just do exactly what they did.

  • The deceptive simplicity of the steps prescribed that is indeed simple for someone who has the natural skills to do them. But are those your natural skills too?

  • The oh-so-popular misconception that any failure encountered while working through the “simple” steps of others is totally due to your lack of desire, which keeps you frustrated and/or depressed.

Marketing is not a simple process. It requires focus, a fair degree of understanding of yourself, your product, and your potential market, and the awareness and flexibility to adjust and re-work as circumstances require. Simply put, there is no “one size fits all”, unalterable way to successfully market that works for everyone.

I cannot tell you how many times I have encountered people who, being successful marketers, want to share or sell me their ‘surefire’ way to market. Each and every attempt to copy someone else ends in disaster and a sense of failure. I used to beat myself up after every failure because obviously I hadn’t ‘done it right’, or I didn’t ‘get it’, or worst of all because I didn’t ‘really want’ to learn and succeed.

But I discovered that everyone is capable of learning how to market successfully.  Really.  With comfort and ease.  And it’s not a matter of copying someone else’s success – that rarely works.    Successful marketing requires that you know what your natural marketing style is. Each style will find success with different approaches, forums, potential markets, and methods. Without knowing your style, finding what works naturally for you is hit and miss.

Creating the concept and content for marketing styles was a breakthrough for Lynda-Ross and me.   We’ve been reenergized, and are actually in the middle of a major revamp of our own marketing because of this newfound understanding of marketing styles, and the necessity of using our natural marketing skills.

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