Reflections on Fall: Giving Thanks

Reflections on Fall: Giving Thanks

Picture of Lynda-Ross Vega Co-author of Unlock the Power of Your Perception and Your Talent AdvantageI love the fall.  There are so many reasons – the weather, the trees, the food, the sports, special birthdays, and Thanksgiving (my favorite holiday).This year the fall season is even more special for several reasons. I haven’t been on the road as much as usual, so I’ve been enjoying more than my fair share of gatherings with friends and spur-of-the-moment family get-togethers. And we are experiencing a burst of energy in our business – a renewed focus within our team, great clients and outstanding affiliate partners.

At a time of year when energy and inspiration traditionally take a hit for many people, we are feeling invigorated. We have new programs and updates to our websites in the works. There’s excitement in the air and we’re having fun with work. Life is good!

But it didn’t always look that way over the last 12 months. This week marked the one-year anniversary of the day Gary’s wife was diagnosed with breast cancer.

There were some tough moments. While Gary and Sarah weathered the grueling and aggressive treatment regime, my husband and I seemed to attract other challenges – serious health issues that threatened close family members, the loss of two dear relatives, and a knee surgery for me. It felt as if we moved from one crisis to the next. Our collective energy was stretched, and we experienced these series of events as one heck of an emotional roller coaster ride.

Yet here we are, one year later, with those tough times behind us. Sarah’s recovery has been remarkable and she is currently cancer-free. All of our lives have been forever changed by the experience. Our families are happy and healthy. Gary and I have our energy back.

Actually, life is exceptionally good for all of us this fall.  We were all a little quiet while we held on tight this last year and went up and down on that rollercoaster, but now we can look back and reflect on all of the great things that happened, too. We’ll be sharing more about what we’ve learned in upcoming posts over the next few months… and we are grateful to be able to share them with you.

Happy Fall.  Happy Life.

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