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This is my fourth blog in a series of six discussing the challenge of finding and mentoring the right people for our organizations. The interview process is a combination of art and science and often comes down to our gut feeling about someone.  The long-drawn-out question and answer process of interviews can be tedious, and it can also leave you with inconclusive results.  I discussed my views on this subject in a blog titled “Getting to Know You…” published this past May, in the blog titled “Getting to Know You too..” published this past July and in the blog titled “Getting to Know You .... Also” published this past October. 

In this blog, I would like to propose that if our fourth candidate would introduce themselves as follows, we would be able to better determine the impact that this candidate would have on our team: 

"Hello, my name is Ricardo “G” Vega. I’d like to share some detailed information about myself. I've organized it into categories that I believe will interest you:

  • I thrive in environments that are demanding, challenging, full of problems that need to be solved, work that needs to be done, and decisions that need to be made.  Environments that are results driven, unambiguous, competitive, and that support individual heroic effort really appeal to me. 

  • The past holds little interest to me as I understand it is gone and my actions can not affect it and I see dwelling in disappointments and mistakes as an unproductive waste of time.  I like challenges and opportunities posed by short-term goals and, while intrigued by long-term possibilities, I spend little time focused on the distant future. 

  • I prefer learning using a hands-on approach.  I take action, make mistakes, make decisions about what happened, change tactics, and try again.  Above all, I find detailed, unapplied, theoretical, and step-by-step learning unbearable.

  • I am a bold and confident communicator who gives orders, provide directions, and communicates in strong “should” and “ought’s”.  I can be intimidating in my communication style, and I am willing to provide unsolicited advice and confident answers.

  • I am a champion of change who is stimulated by the challenge inherent in finding new ways to do something.  I push myself and those around me to take continuous steps toward the future with purpose, direction, and full acceptance of the changes involved.

  • I am motivated by the opportunity to be in command of myself, others, and the environment.  I am driven to be in control, determine my own direction, and to undertake bold challenges that push me to the limits of my energy and endurance. 

  • I confront conflict with the intention of defeating the opposition and believe conflict resolution occurs when one side emerges victorious.  I respond to resistance with increased determination and resolve and can lose sight of the cost involved in my relentless commitment to winning.

  • I find it difficult to join a team as “just one of the members” and quickly insert my opinion and look for opportunities to lead.  While inflexible in my expectations, I am forthcoming with praise and rewards for success and individual contributions. 

  • As a manager I am strong and directive.  I push others to produce at the highest levels (the same expectation I have for myself) and I expect others to complete assigned tasks and report back with finished products.  I set challenging goals and impose short, tight deadlines for task completion in order to force others to stretch.  I provide  swift evaluative feedback, and my opinions are delivered frankly and without sugar coating.

  • I am a bold and courageous leader who is always clear about where I am going and show relentless perseverance in pursuit of short-term goals. I provide followers with clear, unambiguous instructions, and unequivocal expectations about commitment.

  • I persuade boldly and directly and believe that the power of my presentation will secure agreement.  I become impatient with people who require detailed and elaborate evidence and am likely to dismiss them and move on.

With this kind of information, it's so much easier to have a conversation with a new employee to home in on the strengths that complement the team and help the employee settle into a role where they can be a valuable contributor. 

Conversely, when someone is seeking employment, understanding their strengths will allow the interviewer and the interviewee to ask pointed questions during the interview to ensure that both of you are getting a candidate and a job that will utilize the candidate’s strengths to the fullest.

For example, given what we just read about Ricardo “G” Vega, this candidate perceives the world as a series of problems to be solved and tasks that must be completed.  Nothing else has higher priority.  He thrives on challenges and opportunities posed by immediate problems that need solving. He sees a world of clear, simple options, with little ambiguity and little gray.  He acts with personal intensity and urgency and is always anxious to get on to the next task even before the current one is completed.  Ricardo “G” Vega is an excellent crisis manager.

Ricardo “G” Vega,  Ricardo “V” Vega (in our October, 2021 blog) and Ricardo “A” Vega (in in our May, 2021 blog) would probably make a great team as they all thrive on change and enjoy dynamic environments where they can embrace variety, novelty and new activities.  However, they may have a few disagreements given Ricardo “G” Vega's drive to achieve short term goals versus the other two’s lack of need to declare things complete or settled.  While not an insurmountable problem, it is one that requires direct management involvement.

On the other hand, someone like Ricardo “M” Vega (in my July, 2021 blog) probably will not be happy working in a chaotic environment with constant change, where roles and responsibilities are fluid, or where measurable progress and results are hard to find.  It is important to keep in mind that Ricardo “M” Vega does have the optimum skills that will allow for the development of effective processes and procedures to ensure the successful implementation of the chaotic changes.   Teamed with the leadership and decisiveness of Ricardo “G” Vega, Ricardo “M” Vega would be able to perform well in chaotic environments, but it would wear him out.

From a management perspective, these four individuals would provide your company or team with all of the skills necessary to drum-up new opportunities (Ricardo “V” Vega), develop business cases for these opportunities (Ricardo “A” Vega), implement or lead their timely implementation (Ricardo “G” Vega)  and develop and formalize an organized an orderly implementation (Ricardo “M” Vega).

As an employer, as you compare the skills that each person brings to the table, it would be so much easier to identify positions within your organization where person fits best when you understand their skills and talents.  And as a job applicant, knowing your own strengths and where you shine allows you to understand where your skills would fit within an organization instead of settling for a role that will give you little personal satisfaction.

The scientifically-backed approach to obtain this information is Your Perceptual Style.  Knowing your strengths and the strengths of those you work with makes all the difference in being happy and successful at work.

Check out our tools for Managers and Coaches, as well as our Career Blueprint.  You’ll be glad you did!

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