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Picture of Lynda-Ross Vega Co-author of Unlock the Power of Your Perception and Your Talent AdvantageGary and I recently enjoyed a lovely conversation with Dr. Audrey Schnell and we are excited to share a video of the conversation with you for our blog this week!

This 38-minute video is packed with information – here are just a few examples:

  • Some history about how we developed Perceptual Style Theory™

  • How perception and life experience work together

  • Natural versus Acquired skills

  • Why people tend to focus on the negative rather than the positive

  • Understanding relationships through the lens of Perceptual Style

  • The pitfall of overvaluing what you can’t do

  • The personal and professional benefits of valuing your strengths

You’ll also learn how perception can play a part in your attitude towards money, a wonderful life lesson from a children's story, and what creates the foundation for your personal expertise and wisdom!

We hope you enjoy the conversation!

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About Lynda-Ross Vega

Lynda-Ross Vega is a partner at Vega Behavioral Consulting, Ltd. She specializes in helping corporate leaders, entrepreneurs, and individuals with interpersonal communications, team dynamics, personal development, and navigating change. Lynda-Ross is co-creator of Perceptual Style Theory, a revolutionary behavioral psychology theory and assessment system that teaches people how to unleash their natural strengths and build the life and career they dream of. For free information on how to succeed in business and in life doing more of what you do best, visit https://thepowerofyourperception.com.

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