Use Perceptual Styles to achieve Fast, real and lasting coaching results
  • Your Coaching Practice will fail

    if your clients don't achieve

    fast, real, and lasting results!

    Use Perceptual Styles to achieve Fast, real and lasting coaching/teaching results

  • Your Coaching Practice will fail

    if your clients don't achieve

    fast, real, and lasting results!

    Use Perceptual Styles to achieve Fast, real and lasting coaching results

  • Your Coaching Practice will fail

    if your clients don't achieve

    fast, real, and lasting results!

    Use Perceptual Styles to achieve Fast, real and lasting coaching results

Coaching is all about results!

Coaching is all about delivering real, lasting results. No matter what type of coaching you specialize in, whether it's life coaching, business coaching, career coaching, health coaching, or sports coaching, the success of your practice hinges on your clients achieving tangible outcomes.

Mere imitation won't cut it when it comes to producing real results. Simply showing someone how to do what you do is only part of the equation. True success happens when you guide your clients through a program that honors and builds upon their own natural strengths.

That's where strengths-based coaching becomes essential for coaching excellence. Research has shown that people can reach their highest potential by leveraging their natural strengths and utilizing them to achieve success. This doesn't mean ignoring weaknesses; instead, it involves acknowledging and managing them rather than attempting to eliminate them.

One of the most powerful tools for strengths-based coaching is Perceptual Style Theory™, which is rooted in positive psychology. It not only provides insights into individuals' natural strengths but also offers a language to describe, explore, and nurture those strengths.

By harnessing the power of Perceptual Style™ in your coaching practice, you'll deliver outstanding results to each and every client.

It starts with our Assess * Connect * Impact formula, which ensures a solid foundation for your coaching.

Assess * Connect * Impact


It’s not enough to go on gut instinct and intuition when you are working with your clients... there’s too much at stake. You need to quickly establish a solid understanding of each client.

The best way to do that is with a high-quality assessment like the Perceptual Style Assessment. When your client completes the PSA, you’ll gain immediate insights into their natural strengths, what motivates them, their learning preferences, and so much more!

Assess is the first step, using a high-quality assessment like the Perceptual Style Assessment (PSA). This assessment provides immediate insights into your client's natural strengths, motivations, and learning preferences. It helps you establish a deep understanding of your client, building rapport and trust.

Connect is the second step. Armed with knowledge of your client's Perceptual Style and your own, you can tailor your interactions to maximize the coaching experience. Understanding how your client perceives and acts upon information allows you to promote effective communication and avoid conflicts.

Impact is the ultimate goal. By leveraging your client's natural strengths and guiding them through your coaching program, you facilitate positive change and accomplishment. When clients embrace and celebrate their strengths, they gain a solid foundation for problem-solving, skill development, increased energy, and goal achievement.

Understanding your client's Perceptual Style, as well as your own, will enable you to establish a profound connection and guide them towards the unique results that only you can provide.


Determining Your Client's Perceptual Style Has Never Been Easier!

The internet-based Celebrate You! assessment takes 30-40 minutes and if they are interrupted, they can save their answers and continue at a later time. All the questions are neutral and noninvasive: they’ll be asked to rate which adjectives they most identify with, creating a highly accurate psychological portrait. And best of all, you have an option of having your client receive their results and the Celebrate You! action guide within a few minutes after they submit their assessment. Or you can set the process so that you receive the results and you deliver them to your client.

Imagine the personal confidence and self-esteem your clients will have when you incorporate unique information about them into your coaching approach:

Celebrate You Guidebook

  • Social Interaction is essential to their life. What's also interesting is that they will thrive in some social situations and surroundings and be miserable in others. Why continue guessing which is which?

  • Communication is vital. We all want to be understood, yet we experience disconnects with others that get in the way. How they see the world and make it meaningful to them has everything to do with how they express themselves and how they listen. Why not tap into their communication strengths right now to ensure the important connections they want?

  • Self-motivation spurs them to action for what they want to do and what they need to do. Why waste time with procrastination when they have the natural skills to tame it?

  • Some conflict in life is inevitable. Whether the conflicts are minor or severe, they possess natural skills to help them deal effectively with opposition and disagreement. Why suffer through another uncomfortable conflict with someone they care about when they could use their strengths to diffuse and resolve the situation easily?

  • Change is constant; it's part of daily life. Their adaptability strengths mean the difference between excessive worry and stress versus dealing with changes on their terms. Isn’t time to bring their strengths related to change out in the open?

  • Real leadership success happens from the inside out - using theirr natural strengths to guide and inspire others to great achievement. They are presented with opportunities to lead every day, in all aspects of their life. Why not harness their natural leadership skills and take the stress out of leading?

  • Persuasion is a critical life skill. Convincing others to agree with their point of view, adopt a particular perspective, or take a course of action they suggest is something they need to do every day – at work, at home, at school, with friends. Why not tap into Their natural abilities to persuade with ease and confidence?


During your Complimentary Call for Coaches, we’ll discuss how you can bring the power of Perceptual Style to your coaching practice.

You can choose from two options to get started:



Have your clients purchase the specific assessments directly from this website. Your clients would then pay for the assessment directly and once they receive their results, they can share them with you .... or...


Establish an account with us so you can order the assessments for your clients via email, be invoiced for assessments you purchase, and have a copy of your clients results sent to you when they receive theirs.

Con el transcurso del tiempo y conforme trabaje con sus clientes, obtendrá valiosas perspectivas sobre cada estilo y perfeccionará sus comunicaciones para adaptarse perfectamente a cada cliente en su labor de coaching.

La manera más rápida de hacer crecer su práctica, en este momento, es ser más eficaz con los clientes que ya tiene. ¿Por qué esperar?

Contáctenos hoy mismo para analizar cómo aprovechar el poder del Estilo de Percepción en su práctica de coaching.