• Your Job and career should...

    ...take advantage of your natural strengths.

  • Your natural strengths...

    ...are the keys to happiness and success.

  • Let us help you... your natural strengths.

Harness the power of your natural strengths today!

You will spend an average of 90,000 hours of of your life at work. That's 90,000 reasons to find work you enjoy!

Studies show that one of the Top 3 factors contributing to job satisfaction is the opportunity to use your skills and abilities.

Your Perceptual Style is the foundation of your natural strengths. The more you know about your strengths and where they shine best, the easier it is to find work that you enjoy!

Take action to be happy and successful your career. 

It's easy when you build on your natural strengths.

Recent surveys report 80% of people say they aren't happy in their work. That's a very alarming statistic!

Combine that with the fact that over 75% of the workforce will have more than 4 jobs during their career. Over 50% will have 10 or more!  That's a lot of change with not much satisfaction.

Planning your career - knowing what criteria makes a job an excellent fit for you and what to stay away from - is critical in today's job market.   It's the key to creating a career you love and working where you shine.

That's what our Career Planning Guide program is all about!  It is specifically designed to help you put your unique skills and strengths to work for you in the career of your choice.  It combines two of our revolutionary assessments and 4 personal coaching sessions to provide you with insights and tools you need to make YOUR successful and fulfilling career a reality!

This one of a kind program to help you uncover the keys to YOUR successful career is one of the best investments you can make for yourself and it's only $497.

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  • Tap into your natural strengths to create the career that's right for you.

  • Follow our 4 step plan to career happiness & success:


Take the Perceptual Style Assessment and receive the Celebrate You! action guide packed with information about your Perceptual Style and core strengths.

Gain additional insights and practical application tips with a 30 minute personal coaching session.


Take the Recognized Strengths Profile asessment and recieve the Live Your Talents action guide. Discover the roles where you shine, your untapped potential, and your interaction preferences.

Explore what your results mean for you in a 45 minute personal coaching session.


Explore your career interests, goals, opportunities and challenges in 45 minute personal coaching session.

A few days later you'll receive your personal Career Planning Guide that refects your assessment results as well as career interests and goals.


Make the content of your Career Planning Guide come alive for you in a 60 minute personal coaching session.

Review the details of your guide, obtain pratical tips and techniques to put the information to work for you, create your action plan and move forward with confidence.

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The power of two of our assessments, combined with your career interests and our expert personal coaching, create a one-of-a-kind blueprint for your career!

You'll discover:

  • Your Perceptual Style and the many natural strengths you possess because of it.

  • How your life experience influences the ways you prefer to interact with people.

  • What situations and environments you thrive in so you can create your best opportunities.

  • The strengths that allow you to communicate effectively with your boss and co-workers.

  • How you best handle arguments, opposition, and disputes with co-workers.

  • How the way you prefer to interact with others impacts your career choices.

  • The skills you truly enjoy and how to use them in your career.

  • The roles you naturally shine in and the ones that will challenge you.

  • How to tap into your unclaimed strengths.

  • The environments that will allow your strengths to shine and the ones that will stress you out.

  • 10 key questions - unique to you - that will guide your decisions about where you work and what you do.

Life is too short not to enjoy the work you do. With the Career Planning Guide, you'll have the tools you need to make informed selection for the job that fits you best!


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  • Career Planning testimonial from Jim Regan

    "I was given an amazing gift with Perceptual Style, specifically with the Career Planning Guide" 

    "This remarkable tool came to me at a point in my career when I knew I needed a change but was tentative as how to take the leap"

    "What Lynda-Ross and Gary have created is an amazing guided course that teaches you about your innate strengths, identifies areas of your expertise as well as potential you may not be aware of, and shows you how to highlight your strengths and use them to greater advantage."

    "The course allows you to fine tune so much while also broadening how you look at your relationships with others and how your strengths can complement so many of your day to day interactions."

    "It was truly and eye-opening experience, one that I would recommend to anyone, either just beggining a career or well into it. It is something I wish I had found many years ago! Thnak you, Lynda-Ross and Gary."

    Jim Regan

    Phoenix, Arizona

  • Career Planning testimonial from Doug Carr



    "The Career Planning Guide told me more about myself in the first few minutes of seeing the results, than many of the other assessment tools out there. I really like how it brings together skills and Perceptual Style so quickly." 

    "It is unique and useful to any individual looking to make career changes. In one easy snapshot you can see who you are, where you're at and immediately get a handle on new directions that are best for you! I highly recommend it!"

    Doug Carr

    Business Executive and Coach

  • Career Planning testimonial from Sid McCollum


    "I appreciated the fact that Celebrate You and Live Your Talents explained the framework of the theory rather than simply giving me particular roles it predicted that I would flourish in. " 

    "The results were instrumental in helping me make a career change into one which fit the roles I am naturally good at. I have taken Myers-Briggs several times, and appreciate its insights; Live Your Talents however, is more specific to roles which contribute to job fit, so it has been."

    Sid McCollum


  • Career Planning testimonial from Jeff Tabor

    "Since I am always looking for personal insight and ways to be more effective at whatever is at hand, I have taken a number of personal assessment tests over the years like Kolbe, Myers-Briggs, and DiSC. However, as interesting or helpful each one has been, they did not provide me with the focus and clarity that the Perceptual Style Assessment and Recognized Strengths Assessment have done."

    "For me, the strength in the theory behind these assessments is its simple premise that by discovering and focusing on my natural talents, I can be much more effective in all aspects of my life. The material is easy to understand, and therefore, easy to embrace as I take specific steps of action aimed at helping me incorporate what I’ve learned into my life. The ‘icing on the cake’ is that I added the benefit of one-on-one interactions with Dr. Gary Jordan into my program! With his clear guidance, obvious depth of knowledge, and easy conversational style, he has made this a very worthwhile and rewarding journey for me. I would recommend not only the Career Planning Guide program, but also Dr. Gary and Lynda-Ross to anyone interested in a unique approach to being more effective at all they do."

    Jeff Tabor

    Marketing Consultant


The Career Planning Guide program is yours for only $497!

This one of a kind program to help you uncover the keys to YOUR successful career is one of the best investments you can make for yourself! 

You'll receive:

  • The Perceptual Style Assessment and 45 page Celebrate You action guide, customized to YOUR Perceptual Style, packed with information about your core strengths in 12 key areas. 

  • The Recognized Strengths Profile Assessment and Live Your Talents action guide filled with details about your natural and acquired skills, the roles you naturally prefer and an easy to use 5 step process to fully claim your natural skills and apply them in your personal and work life. 

  • Your personal Career Planning Guide created just for you with the details you need to achieve the career success you deserve. 

  • 4 personal coaching sessions with one of our certified Perceptual Style Coaches. 

All this is yours for $497  
Don’t make your next career move without being fully prepared for success!

If you've previously completed the Perceptual Style Assessment or the Recognized Strengths Profile assessment

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