Goals Perceptual Style and Learning

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Anne’s Perceptual Style™ is GOALS.

Anne perceives the world as a series of tasks that must be completed. Nothing else has a higher priority.

She thrives on challenges and opportunities posed by immediate problems that need solving, and she believes that there is one right way to solve them.

Anne sees a world of clear, simple options with little ambiguity and little gray. She knows that the right way is the simplest and most direct one. When the central issues have been addressed, the problem is solved; the details are unimportant and will take care of themselves.

Anne distrusts complexity, subtlety, and solutions that evolve slowly over time. The world is difficult but not complex, and she will dismiss shading and nuance.

She approaches the world with intense energy and has a high level of endurance that allows her to push herself well after others have given up.

When it comes to learning, Anne perfers hands-on experience, supplemented with brief outlines of essential information.

She asks many questions and assimilates information from immediate, specific answers.

Anne tackles learning with a direct and focused attitude.

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Your Perceptual Style,

the way you make meaning of the world around you and take action,

influences your preferred approach to learning and your learning skills.

You can maximize your learning experiences and the knowledge you gain by understanding your natural learning skills.

Do you know what your natural Strengths are?

Your Perceptual Style is the foundation of all your natural strengths, learning included! How you see the world and make it meaningful to you has everything to do with how you learn most effectively.

The decisions you make, the actions you take, and the directions you choose are all influenced by your Perceptual Style because it defines reality for you.

The more you know about your Perceptual Style, the more you can tap into your natural strengths and potential. That’s because there’s an extensive set of skills and behaviors that naturally align with each Perceptual Style.

Perceptual Style Theory™, created by Gary M. Jordan, PhD, and Lynda-Ross Vega, defines six unique Perceptual Styles.

Each Perceptual Style represents a grouping of fundamental aspects of being human that results in a distinctive experience and characteristic behaviors.

Have you met all of our Perceptual Style representatives? Press the blue tabs below to read about each specific Perceptual Style.

The people above represent each Perceptual Style—Tina is Activity, Pam is Adjustments, Matt is Flow, Anne is Goals, Jack is Methods, and Dan is Vision. Who did you identify with most?

Not Sure? Would you like to get a taste of what your Perceptual Style and a few of your strengths may be?

We’ve created an introductory sample assessment just for YOU!


The more you know about your Perceptual Style, the more you can tap into your natural strengths and potential. That’s because there’s an extensive set of skills and behaviors that naturally align with each Perceptual Style.

The alignment of skills and behaviors with Perceptual Style exists because people naturally see the things associated with their Perceptual Style. Those things are easy for them to grasp, understand, and use.

Awareness of the other five Perceptual Styles and how they differ from you provides incredible insights about your relationships with family and friends.

And understanding your learning preferences and skills means the difference between great learning experiences and horrible ones.

Let's and look at the way each Perceptual Style approaches learning:


  • You are an experiential learner who learns best by immersing yourself in action.

  • You are proficient with self-paced studies in which you can experience the acquisition of new knowledge according to your interest level.

  • You are easily bored by dry and fact-heavy presentations, such as lectures and technical-based readings.


  • You are fascinated with complex systems and learn best when you have the time to reflect on the information that has been presented.

  • You prefer a systematic approach to your learning and to build concepts and ideas in layers to create a solid foundation of knowledge.

  • You are uncomfortable with learning experientially or through unproven approaches.


  • You are a patient and careful learner who prefers experiential and interactive learning.

  • You thrive on learning that arises out of interpersonal exchange because it allows you to compare experiences and share information that reinforces your values from new and different perspectives.

  • You have difficulty with impersonal facts and learning situations that ignore the unique aspects of the learner.



  • You actively seek new knowledge to understand, fix, or work through an immediate dilemma.

  • You are uninterested in the learning process and focus instead on the possession of knowledge.

  • You find detailed, unapplied, theoretical, or step-by-step learning unbearable.


  • You learn by gathering and organizing information.

  • You are most interested in subjects presented factually with time for data analysis.

  • You are put off by emotional presentations based on opinions or speculations that are unsupported by facts.


  • You learn best by active involvement.

  • You grasp new concepts and ideas in flashes of insight from fragmentary bits of information and experience.

  • You are frustrated and easily bored with excessive detail and prefer an experimental approach.

Each Perceptual Style prefers a unique combination and quantity of the basic learning methods of lecture, reading, and experiental to maximize their knowledge and skill growth.

How does the information on sales and Pereptual Styles apply to me

What’s the fastest way to improve on your learning and training opportunities?

Discover your Perceptual Style!

Documenting YOU has never been easier. The Internet-based Celebrate You! assessment takes 30-40 minutes and if you are interrupted, you can save your answers and continue at a later time. All the questions are neutral and noninvasive: you’ll be asked to rate which adjectives you most identify with, creating a highly accurate psychological portrait. And best of all, you’ll receive your results and the Celebrate You! action guide within a few minutes after you submit your assessment.

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Celebrate You Guidebook
  • Social Interaction is essential to your life. What's also interesting is that you will thrive in some social situations and surroundings and be miserable in others. Why continue guessing which is which?

  • Communication is vital. We all want to be understood, yet we experience disconnects with others that get in the way. How you see the world and make it meaningful to you has everything to do with how you express yourself and how you listen. Why not tap into your communication strengths right now to ensure the important connections you want?

  • Self-motivation spurs you to action for what you want to do and what you need to do. Why waste time with procrastination when you have the natural skills to tame it?

  • Some conflict in your life is inevitable. Whether the conflicts are minor or severe, you possess natural skills to help you deal effectively with opposition and disagreement. Why suffer through another uncomfortable conflict with someone you care about when you could use your strengths to diffuse and resolve the situation easily?

  • Change is constant; it's part of your daily life. Your adaptability strengths mean the difference between excessive worry and stress versus dealing with changes on your terms. Isn’t time to bring your strengths related to change out in the open?

  • Real leadership success happens from the inside out - using your natural strengths to guide and inspire others to great achievement. You are presented with opportunities to lead every day, in all aspects of your life. Why not harness your natural leadership skills and take the stress out of leading?

  • Persuasion is a critical life skill. Convincing others to agree with your point of view, adopt a particular perspective, or take a course of action you suggest is something you need to do every day – at work, at home, at school, with friends. Why not tap into your natural abilities to persuade with ease and confidence?

You don’t need this critical information about you someday…you need it now!

This is your key to learning YOUR way!

Young person contemplating how t be the elader they were born to be
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