• Picture accompanying testimonial by Mark Magee on Live Your Talents

    "Perceptual Style is an excellent tool for self-awareness but perhaps more importantly it’s a great tool for understanding differences between people. The interaction observations, tips and techniques for communicating effectively with the other Perceptual Styles are invaluable" 

    Mark Magee

    Banking Executive

  • Picture accompanying testimonial by Lynnell Brunswig on Live Your Talents

    "The realization that we all operate from our own Perceptual Style fascinates me. Now when I feel a disconnect in communication, I'm much more aware that different styles perceive differently, and I'm more open to making adjustments and listening more carefully for cues to help me understand a situation. What a terrific tool!"

    Lynnell McFarland

    Puyallup, WA

  • Picture accompanying testimonial by Sid McCollum on Live Your Talents

    "The results were instrumental in helping me make a career change into one which fit the roles I am naturally good at. I have taken Myers-Briggs several times, and appreciate its insights; Live Your Talents however, is more specific to roles which contribute to job fit, so it has been."

    Sid McCollum


  • Picture accompanying testimonial by Jeff Tabor on Live Your Talents

    "Since I am always looking for personal insight and ways to be more effective at whatever is at hand, I have taken a number of personal assessment tests over the years like Kolbe, Myers-Briggs, and DiSC. However, as interesting or helpful each one has been, they did not provide me with the focus and clarity that the Perceptual Style Assessment has done."

    Jeff Tabor

    Marketing Consultant

How does Celebrate You! apply to YOU?

Celebrate You book cover

You possess many unique strengths and innate potential, but the reality is you probably aren't taking advantage of them.

Why not?  You may take some of them for granted, assuming everyone can do what you do. You may not trust them, thinking you need to follow what someone else does.  Whatever the reason, it's probable that when you are confronted with challenges, you look for answers from outside rather than leaning on your own abilities.  

That's why we want you to literally uncover all of the amazing strengths you possess and celebrate who you are.  We created Celebrate You! just for that purpose. 

Celebrate You! is packed with incredible insights about specific aspects of the way you experience the world and the innate strengths you possess as the result. It explains all about natural strengths, how perception determines your unique gifts and strengths, and how perception differs between people.

More than just helping you understand your comprehensive view of the world and your part in it, it’s full of practical application tips and exercises to help you make the information provided REAL for you

At the core of the insights contained in Celebrate You! is the Perceptual Style Assessment (PSA). It’s specifically designed to identify how you see and experience the world and what your natural strengths are.

Unlike other assessments that measure social behavior or personality traits, the PSA identifies your Perceptual Style and the skills and strengths that are innately yours! The PSA is included in the purchase price of Celebrate You!

The science behind the PSA is sophisticated (click here to read all about it), but taking it is simple. The assessment questions are neutral and noninvasive: you’ll be asked to rate which adjectives you most identify with, creating a highly accurate psychological portrait.  The Internet-based assessment takes 30-40 minutes, and if you are interrupted, you can save your answers and continue at a later time.  And best of all, you’ll receive your results and the  Celebrate You!  action guide within a few minutes after you submit your assessment. 

How does the information Celebrate You and Pereptual Styles apply to me

How does this information apply to me?

It's Very Simple

The key to understanding yourself is to understand your Perceptual Style. Perceptual Style is the way you take in information through your five senses and make that information meaningful to you. Your Perceptual Style acts as a filter between sensation and understanding. It is at the core of who you are, and it impacts your values, beliefs, feelings, and psychology.

You have one of six unique Perceptual Styles. The decisions you make, the actions you take, and the directions you choose are all influenced by your Perceptual Style because it defines reality for you.

The decisions you make, the actions you take, and the directions you choose are all influenced by your Perceptual Style. Your Perceptual Style defines your reality.

Your Perceptual Style is the foundation of all of your natural strengths—the abilities you have the potential to truly excel at with grace and ease because of the way you see and experience the world around you.

As you read about how your Perceptual Style shapes your approach to diverse aspects of your life, you will identify things you do so easily that you assume everyone can do them, but that's not the case. They are strengths unique to your Perceptual Style!

You will also identify skills that seem new to you. These are skills for which you have an innate capacity because of your Perceptual Style. However, you may not have had a reason to use them yet. Here is a high-level view of the information provided in the action guide:

  • Your Perceptual Experience and the core strengths that support that experience.

  • Each of the six Perceptual Styles understands and experiences the world in fundamentally different ways. To understand yourself, you must understand the nature of your experience.

  • Communication: Talking, Writing and Listening

  • We all want to be understood. So, we search for the right words and the right tone to convey our message. We often fail to recognize that each of us has a built-in communication filter and because of that filter, what we mean isn't always what others hear and vice versa.

  • Disconnects in communication happen to all of us. It’s not because we’re not smart enough, and it’s not because other people aren’t smart enough. It’s not because you aren’t listening or trying to connect. It’s because the words you choose, the meaning you intend, and the triggers you hear are influenced by your Perceptual Style.

  • The social surroundings, situations and environments you THRIVE in.

  • Science has proven that Social Interaction is critically important for your mental and physical health. Studies have shown that people who have satisfying relationships with others (family, friends, co-workers, etc.) are happier and healthier. Studies have also shown that the absence of social interaction, i.e., people disconnected from others, leads to shorter life spans. Yikes!

  • Social Interaction is obviously essential to your life. What's also interesting is that you will thrive in some social situations and surroundings and be miserable in others because of your Perceptual Style.

  • How do you view Collaboration: Teamwork and Cooperation?

  • Interacting in cooperation with others is a fundamental part of life, and it's a critical ingredient for families, friendships, school activities, and work and social environments. Practically every aspect of your life is an opportunity for collaboration.

  • Many studies in psychology and sociology demonstrate the reality that human beings wither in isolation and thrive in community. The saying, "No man is an island," is true. Alone we falter; together, we can see and accomplish so much more.

  • Collaboration is at the core of participating in community—whether that community is your family, workplace, friends, or other groups of people. Yet collaboration can be very challenging because we must deal with people who see things differently than we do and have different strengths and weaknesses.

  • The Keys to Motivation that enthuse and inspire you to take action.

  • In its simplest form, self-motivation is the ability to get yourself to do something. It creates personal enthusiasm and inspiration to take action.

  • Self-Motivation is the catalyst for goals you make for yourself. Self-motivation creates your desire to accomplish your goals, establishes your commitment to action, and helps you overcome your fears of the unknown or failing.

  • Your Perspective on Change and the unique skills set that allows you to initiate, recognize, and adapt to change.

  • Change is constant; it's part of your daily life. There are changes in the weather, the economy, relationships, work situations, etc. Just living each day and aging brings change.

  • That's why adaptability is a critical life skill. Adaptability is defined as the ability to adjust to new conditions or circumstances. Tapping into your strengths related to your adaptability can mean the difference between excessive worry and stress versus dealing with changes on your terms.

  • Embracing your adaptability strengths will help you choose work environments, relationships, and social situations where you will thrive and avoid those that will drag you down.

  • How your Time Orientation brings perspective to your actions.

  • Time orientation describes how your thoughts, feelings, and behaviors are influenced by your perspective of time. Time orientation provides a framework for organizing your experiences into three categories—past, present, and future—and determining the relative emphasis you place on each of these time categories.

  • For example, some Perceptual Styles lean toward the past and value lessons learned, experience, and traditions. Some Perceptual Styles lean towards the present, what is happening now. And some lean towards the future, what should happen, and what might be possible.

  • Your Approach to Conflict and the core strengths you possess to deal with opposition, arguments and disputes.

  • It's helpful to keep in mind that everyone wants to belong and be valued, and no one wants to be disliked. If you can start from the assumption that other people mean well and don't intend to irritate or insult you, it's easier to realize they just don't see the situation the same way you do (most likely, they have a different Perceptual Style).

  • When you keep this concept in mind, it takes some of the stings out of disconnects. It's not personal; it's a different perspective. Some conflict in your life is inevitable. Whether the conflicts are minor or severe, you possess natural skills to help you deal effectively with opposition and disagreement.

  • Your Learning Preferences and how to apply them to maximize your knowledge and skill growth.

  • One aspect of learning that does not change over time is your preference for how information is presented to you. There are three general learning methods; Visual (pictures, graphs, written word), Auditory (stories, songs, discussions), and Kinesthetic (experiential, activities, role-playing).

  • Because of your Perceptual Style, you respond to all three learning methods but prefer a unique combination of the learning methods to maximize your knowledge and growth.

  • Your natural strengths related to Persuasion and how you motivate others to take action or agree with your point of view.

  • Persuasion is the act of convincing others to agree with your point of view, adopt a particular perspective, or take a course of action you suggest. It's the process of presenting information and reasons that motivate or change someone else's thinking.

  • Our focus on persuasion in this section is definitely on the positive and essential skills related to persuasion. These skills help you interact effectively with others at home and work. Imagine what planning a family vacation would be like if you didn't have persuasion skills!

  • Your Leadership strengths that allow you to effectively inspire and guide others.

  • Many will try to sell you on the idea that effective leadership is a one-size-fits-all proposition. Or that if you're not naturally outgoing or authoritative or visionary, you can't be an effective leader. It's just not true. Real leadership success happens from the inside out - using your natural strengths to guide and inspire others to great achievement.

  • Everyone has the capacity to be an effective, even exceptional, leader. There’s not just one set of traits or behaviors that guarantee success. There is YOUR way to be a leader, built on your natural strengths.


It’s so easy to start your celebration today!
  • It’s so easy to start your celebration today!



Take the Internet-based Celebrate You! assessment. It only takes 30-45 minutes


Receive your Celebrate You! PDF action guide packed with information about you and your core strengths.


Gain additional insights and practical application tips with a 30 minute personal coaching session.


Apply the appropriate parts of Celebrate You! to your personal and business life!


Here is the best part - Celebrate You! is yours today for only $6.95

That’s right -- for the price of one or two beverages at your local coffee shop you'll get a blueprint for unleashing your natural potential for success. (And honestly, isn't turning your life into the success you deserve worth $6.95 to you?)

You'll receive:

  • Our revolutionary Perceptual Style Assessment™ that reveals how you experience the world around you and how your interpretation of events and ideas directly influences your natural strengths and skills.

  • Your personal results filled with descriptions and details about your specific natural skills and strengths, including quick practical application tips and exercises so you can put your results to work for you right away.  

Why wait another minute wandering through life without the information you need to live the life you deserve?
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Discover the details about your Perceptual Style and personal strengths. Learn on how to apply your strengths in your life with the easy to use practical application tips and exercises.

Screenshot of the bookcovers for PSA and RSP

Results and Debrief

Accelerate your understanding and practical application by adding a 20-minute one-on-one session with a Certified Perceptual Style coach as your guide for an additional $40 (Total package is $46.95)


Turbo Charge Your Results
Uncover your unique use of your strengths with pinpoint accuracy!

Curious about which of your natural strengths you are using, and which are dormant?  Want to tap into more of your natural strengths quickly and easily?

Our Recognized Strengths Profile assessment will give you a point-in-time view of exactly which of your natural strengths you are using to your advantage, which are waiting for you to recognize them, and a clear plan for using more of your natural strengths in your life.  The RSP builds on the results from your Perceptual Style Assessment for an extremely accurate picture of where you are on the path to embracing your natural strengths.

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Combo Package Self-Study

Harness the power of your Perceptual Style and your personal expression of your strengths in your daily life for only $15.95.

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Combo results and Debrief

Fast-track your understanding and create your personal action plan with a 45-minute one-on-one session with a Certified Perceptual Style coach as your guide for an additional $97 (Package price is $112.95)