Your success as a manager depends on the success of your team

Your success as a Manager depends on the success of your team. 

Tap into the strengths of each team member and guide your team to exceptional results.


Unlock your potential to excel as a Manager!




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Great management is the art of getting things done through others... while creating success for them and the organization.


Management is a unique combination of planning, organizing activities, and guiding team members to successful completion of those activities. 

It is possible to create a perfect plan, process, or  organizational structure.  But those plans, processes and organizations always fail. Why?  Because perfection is theoretical while accomplishment and success are the results of real people doing real work.

Our Manager Success Blueprint provides you with the insights and techniques you need to capitalize on your personal talents and the talents of your team members to create amazing results.  You'll learn how to match team members to the right tasks, create value and buy-in, motivate each team member to action, minimize miscommunications and conflicts, and guide your team to great results. 

The Manager Success Blueprint is the result of over 45 years of practical, real-life management experience in corporate, non-profit, and small business settings. It’s a powerful tool for your management success and your own personal growth. The program was specifically designed to help you:

  • identify and claim your unique management skills,

  • identify your team members' unique talents (and hidden potentials),

  • match your team members to the right tasks to ensure success for the team and each individual,

  • communicate with your team in a manner that ensures understanding,

  • motivate your team members to do more of what they do best,  

  • create action plans for team member skill development and career growth, and

  • guide your team to achievement and success. 

This one of a kind program to transform your management success is one the of best investments you can make for yourself and it's only $697.


With the Manager Success Blueprint you will master the ability to:



Let your natural talents shine through in your management actions and establish an atmosphere of trust with your team members.


Capitalize on your team members' natural strengths to achieve team objectives and ensure team members' personal success.


Recognize your team members' stress triggers and counter them with motivation and conflict resolution techinques that work.


Create buy-in within your team, establish value for your team within the organizaiton, achieve optimum team performance.

Manager Success Blueprint

Screenshot of a sample report from the Manager Success Program

The power of our two assessments, combined with your management skills and our expert personal coaching, create a one-of-a-kind blueprint for your managment success!

You'll discover:

  • your Perceptual Style and the many natural strengths and management skills you possess because of it,

  • how your life experience influences the ways you prefer to interact with people and impacts how you delegate,

  • what situations and environments you thrive in so you can create your best management opportunities,

  • the strengths that allow you to communicate effectively with your boss and team members,

  • how you best handle arguments, opposition and disputes with the people you work with,

  • how to create a position portrait for each team member that will guide their success,

  • techniques for matching team members' skills to the tasks at hand,

  • how to incorporate behavioral based coaching techniques into your management activites,

  • techniques for motivating and gaining buy-in from each team member, and

  • how to ensure communication within the team is effective and minimizes disconnects.

Master the people skills that will transform your management career! With the Manager Success Blueprint you'll have the tools you need to be an exceptional manager!


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  • Christina Vance Testimonial about the Manager Blueprint

    "Lynda-Ross delivered a Perceptual Style presentation to our team and we were all impressed with how clearly and accurately the assessment results reflected each of us." 

    "What I learned was fascinating and extremely helpful in assisting me to develop a deeper understanding of myself. It enabled me to not only advocate for myself more appropriately but also recognize when I’m in over my head and need to adjust my course."

    "As beneficial as it was for me personally, it has equipped me with valuable tools to function as a more effective leader. Knowing the Perceptual Style of my team members enables me to communicate better, collaborate more effectively, and delegate in a manner that places each team member in roles where their strengths can shine. "

    "The Perceptual Style experience has improved our team’s dynamic, efficacy and productivity. It’s also fostered a personal connection and closeness that’s blossomed among our group."

  • Frank Harward Testimonial about the Manager Blueprint

    "I met Lynda-Ross over 6 years ago when we worked together deliver a huge project for a Financial Services Firm. The project was complicated and required team building, executive communication, varied technology solutions, and buy-in from a skeptical set of future users. Lynda-Ross introduced me to Perceptual Style and suggested we train the project team on Perceptual Style principles." 

    "After taking the first training class I was hooked. Suddenly I was making better decisions for the team and individuals. When the team completed the Team Dynamics Blueprint program the lights really turned on! Knowing the Perceptual Style of each team member and their Preferences for Interaction helped us look at each other differently - focusing on individual strengths! The impact was amazing. Morale and productivity improved significantly and the once failing project was transformed into a critical success." 


    Frank Harward

    Business Executive and Coach


The Manager Success Blueprint is yours for only $697!

This one of a kind program to help you uncover the keys to YOUR management success is one of the best investments you can make for yourself! 

You'll receive:

  • The Perceptual Style Assessment and 45 page Celebrate You action guide, customized to YOUR Perceptual Style, packed with information about your core strengths in 12 key areas. 

  • The Recognized Strengths Profile Assessment and Live Your Talents action guide filled with details about your natural and acquired skills, the roles you naturally prefer and an easy to use 5-step process to fully claim your natural skills and apply them in your personal and work life. 

  • Your personal Manager Success Blueprint filled with insights on how your Perceptual Style and Preferences for Interaction influence your management skills with  special focus on time management, planning, delegation, influence, organizing, and collaboration. 

  • A personal coaching session with one of our certified Perceptual Style Coaches to review your discuss your assessment results and blueprint. 

  • A personal coaching session to discuss your communication strengths and management blind spots and explore mitigation techniques.

  • 3 personal coaching sessions to explore and gain insights about the differences between the 6 Perceptual Styles with tips and techniques for communication, motivation and conflict resolution.

  • Your personal copy of Opportunities and Challenges: A Manager's Guide to Working With All Six Perceptual Styles. 

  • A personal coaching session to learn how to create position portraits that will guide you in matching team member talents to tasks at hand and can also be used to guide skill and behavior development for your team members.

All this is yours for $697  

Accelerate and enhance your management career!


If you've previously completed the Perceptual Style Assessment or the Recognized Strengths Profile assessment please contact our office for a special discount code!