Hone your leadership skills with our Advanced Leadership Training seminars

Leadership Training


Hone your leadership skills with our Advanced Leadership Training seminars.

Effective Leadership is a mix of art and science and real world practice.       

Our self study Celebrate You and Be The Leader You Were Born To Be products will help you to uncover your natural leadership skills and begin to use them with more awareness and efficacy.   Practice will help you grow your skills. 

Our Leadership seminars take your learning experience to the next level.  Packed with valuable information, tips and techniques that build on the breadth and depth of Perceptual Style Theory, our seminars combine entertaining delivery with lots of participant interaction.   You will rapidly advance your knowledge and practical application of core leadership skills that will transform your leadership.

Each seminar takes you on a deep dive to fully explore your skills and how to apply them in critical areas of leadership such as communication, motivation, conflict resolution, team dynamics,  and change leadership. 

Traditionally we've presented our seminars in person, but this year we've expanded our delivery to live webinars using Zoom and we will be releasing a recording library for self study (the next best thing to attending a seminar).   

All of our seminars are conducted jointly by Gary and Lynda-Ross with the help of some of our certified guides.  We strive to ensure every attendee gets personal attention, and we provide post seminar support with email Q&A and Leadership Forum access.

Scroll down to view summaries of our leadership seminars.  Check out our calendar of events to see our public seminar schedule.  Or contact us to discuss a private seminar for your organization.   

We are passionate about helping leaders excel!


Hone your leadership skills with our Advanced Leadership Training seminars

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