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Item: Manager Success Blueprint

The Manager Success Blueprint begins with two of our revolutionary assessments:

  • The Perceptual Style Assessment to identify how you see and experience the world and what your natural strengths are, and

  • The Recognized Strengths Profile assessment to measure exactly which of your core strengths you are claiming and using, which are lying dormant, what skills that are not part of your natural repertoire you've worked hard to acquire, and how you prefer to interact with people.

You'll receive a total of six personal coaching sessions (scheduled at mutually convenient times, usually over a 4 to 6 week period) with a master Your Talent Advantage Coach:

  • A 40 minute session to discuss your Perceptual Style Assessment and Recognized Strengths Profile results.

  • A 40 minute session to discuss your Communication strengths and review the Communication That Works action guide.

  • Three 40 minute sessions to explore and gain insights about each of the 6 Perceptual Styles and review the  Opportunities and Challenges reference book. 

  • A 40 Minute session to review your personal Manager Success Blueprint report.